The company LIFT TRADE S.r.l. has started its activity in Parma (Italy), for trading of all elevator components, like automatic doors, gear boxes, hydraulic unit, piston, cabin, guide rail and all other small parts wich are essential part of elevator. All above mentioned components are the products of principal italian, German and Spanish brand names..

LIFT TRADE S.r.l., has become one of the important trader company in international markets and expanding its sales everyday by gaining the trust of all its customers.

Upon request of these customer, the company, now, supplies complete lift, home-lift, room-less elevator and hydraulic platforms for special applications.

The sales area of LIFT TRADE S.r.l. is world wide, from Marocco to Bangladesh, from Russia to South Africa and Middle East.

The aim of LIFT TRADE S.r.l. is to supply to its customer, the safest and suitable components fot their needs and offer the best solution in case of problem..